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Jun 09,  · Full Proof are proofreading superheroes in the eyes of students across the UK! Tell all your friends about us! Copy Editing and Proofreading Symbols Symbol Meaning Example Delete Remove the end fitting. Close up The tolerances are with in the range. Delete and Close up Deltete and close up the gap. Insert The box is inserted correctly. # Space Theprocedure is incorrect. Transpose Remove the fitting end. / or lc Lower case The Engineer and manager agreed. Proofreading Marks Quiz. On the line below each proofreading mark, write what the mark means. Then use these marks to correct the assigned text. The House on the Corner. The house on the corner is sale. It is a rancher. it has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It also has a hug back yard that is completely fenced it, so it would be a great.

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Proofreading marks were, and still are, the marks that a proofreader would use to show where there were mistakes in the text that needed checking or correcting, proofreading marks for kids. For each change in the text two marks were added to the page; one in the body of the proofreading marks for kids to show where the mistake was and another in the margin. The mark in the margin was specific to the error while the mark in the text proofreading marks for kids more general, often just being a caret to indicate the position of the mistake.

Symbols were used to make sure that the document remained readable, even after several people had corrected and proofread it. If each change were to be written onto the page it would soon become messy and very difficult to understand. The use of marks and symbols helped keep the page tidy and readable.

Often if further instructions were needed or a section was to be rewritten the proofreader or editor would mark the position with a letter and then write their longer comments on a separate piece of paper under the heading of that particular letter.

Most editing and proofreading is now done in word processing or editing software using features such as Track Changes in Microsoft Word or the equivalents in other programs. However there are still situations in which you might need to know and understand proofreading symbols and marks.

I have included the proofreading marks in the following three tables for you to use as a reference, and then used a few of them in an example of a document with the marks added. But you should proofreading marks for kids that proofreading marks for kids a lot of variation in proofreading symbols. These marks are not universally used by all proofreaders; they're just examples of some of the marks used. Some of the marks towards the end of the tables would not be used very often at all nowadays as much of the type setting is done electronically in software programs they've been included anyway for completeness.

If you need help with proofreading and correcting your own work I offer a proofreading service through which I correct your writing. I check the grammar, spelling, style, proofreading marks for kids, sentence construction and general flow of the work. I copy edit your essays, reports or theses so that the English used is excellent.

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proofreading marks for kids


Proofreading Symbols Every Proofreader Should Know. Proofreading symbols are like a foreign language to most people; they are often considered to be an indecipherable series of squiggles, letters, and symbols that mean absolutely nothing to the regular guy or girl on the street. Unless you know what these proofreading marks actually mean, using them to improve and develop your writing is. If you provide an answer which the site marks as incorrect, but you are sure is correct, you can contact us to tell us about it. Please include the full sentence, along with the . Proofreading Editing Worksheets. Printable editing and proofreading worksheets for building grammar, spelling, and writing skills. Bookmarks with fourteen proofreading marks students should know, including remove spaces, add quotation marks, and divide words. Related Pages on Super Teacher .