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Show less An outline is a great way to organize ideas and information for a speech, an essay, a novel, or a study guide based on your class notes. At first, writing an outline might seem complicated, but learning how to do it will give you an frog outline organizational skill!

Start by planning your outline and choosing a structure for it. Then, you can organize your ideas into an easy to understand outline. The easiest way to write an outline is to gather all of your supporting materials, like quotes, statistics, or ideas, before getting started.

Next, go over your materials and take notes, grouping similar ideas together. Then, organize your ideas into subtopics and use your materials to provide at least two supporting points per subtopic. For more help on how to plan and organize your outline, read on! This article was co-authored frog outline Emily Listmann.

Emily Listmann is a private tutor in San Carlos, California. There are 22 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Quick Outline Slideshow. Literature Outline. Decide if you will write your outline by hand or type it. If you're preparing your outline just for your own frog outline, choose what works best for you.

If you're preparing your outline for an assignment, follow your instructor's directions. Some people process their ideas better when they write them down. Additionally, you can easily draw diagrams or examples, which might help you conceptualize the subject. However, it might take longer frog outline write out your outline, frog outline, and it won't be as neat, frog outline. Typing your outline might be easier if your notes are already typed on the computer, as you can frog outline copy and paste them into your outline.

Copying and pasting also allows you to easily rearrange your sections, frog outline, if necessary. Also, frog outline, it will be easier to copy and paste information from your outline into frog outline paper if you type your outline. On the other hand, it's harder to jot down notes in the margins or draw out organizational diagrams. Narrow down your topic.

Outlines help you organize your thoughts, ideas, or research regarding a topic. Without a main topic, your outline has no purpose, frog outline. Your topic may be based on an assignment or could stem from a personal goal. Then, frog outline, allow the outlining process to help you structure your work.

As you write your outline, you might narrow frog outline down to the resistance fighters called maquisards. Identify frog outline purpose of your outline, such as inform, entertain or reflect.

Think about what you hope to accomplish with your outline. Will you complete an essay assignment? Write a novel? Give frog outline speech? This allows you to determine what that essay, book, or frog outline will do for the reader. Know your intended audience. However, many times you are preparing them for yourself, frog outline, either to help you complete an assignment or to help you accomplish a goal.

If the frog outline is frog outline work, use an existing outline as a model for yours. If you are the only person who will see the outline, you can choose formatting that works for you.

For example, you might write your outline in shorthand. Assemble your notes, frog outline, research or supporting materials, if applicable, frog outline. You might incorporate some of the following: [4] Paraphrased ideas Quotes Statistics Historical facts. Brainstorm to identify your argument or main ideas. Jot down your frog outline, important bits of research, and any questions you might want answered.

For a creative project, you might write down scene ideas or plot points. Write down everything you might include in your outline. You can always eliminate ideas later! Here are some ways to organize your thoughts: [5] Freewrite as ideas come to you. Create a mind map. Write your thoughts on index cards. Develop a thesis or controlling idea for your outline.

In most cases, this will be frog outline thesis you use to complete the final product, such as an essay. For example, you may be writing a paper about policy change. Write an alphanumeric outline for the easy approach. Although you might not recognize the name, most outlines follow the alphanumeric format. Each level of your outline will be organized using a letter or number, frog outline.

Make a decimal outline to highlight the relationship between ideas. A decimal outline looks very similar frog outline an alphanumeric outline. However, a decimal outline only uses numbers, frog outline, and each sublevel is set off with decimals.

This allows you to illustrate that each sublevel is a part of a larger argument. Decide if you want to write full sentences or short phrases. Most outlines include short phrases, which are also called topic outlines. However, frog outline, using full sentences can help you better understand your ideas. You might use full sentences to make it easier to write a final paper, to make a good study guide, or to fulfill the requirements of an assignment.

Group your ideas together. Review your brainstorming, placing related ideas in the same group. You can always eliminate ideas you realize are unnecessary. These groups will become main points, so narrow your groups down until you have your desired number of main points. For an essay or speech, that often means 3, but a frog outline piece may have more.

Frog outline your index cards, if you used them to brainstorm, frog outline. Put cards with related ideas together. For example, you can put them in stacks, or you can line your cards out in rows to make them frog outline to read. Put each group in order from broad ideas to specific details. Broad ideas are more likely to be your main points, while details are the bits of information frog outline will use to support those ideas.

Depending on the purpose of your outline, you may have many subpoints and supporting details. However, aim to have at least subpoints and supporting details for each main idea. Your subpoints might be that Victor Frankenstein is frog outline by nature and that his scientific efforts create a monster.

As supporting details, you might include quotes from the book, frog outline. If you're writing a story or presenting a historical argument, a chronological order makes sense. For an essay or speech, pick the subtopic with the most supporting frog outline, and lead with this argument. From there, order your major subtopics so each one naturally flows into the next. Your broad ideas should connect back to your thesis or controlling idea.

Outline your introduction as the first main point for a speech or essay. You can use either phrases or full sentences, depending on which you chose to use.

Some people prefer to write out their introduction, which is also okay. Here are the points you need in your introduction: [13] Hook to grab the audience general statements about your topic Thesis. The outline headings are your main points. These ideas should be drawn directly from your thesis or controlling idea. Frankenstein champions emotion over reason Full sentence outline: II. In FrankensteinMary Shelley champions the use of emotion over reason.

Write at least 2 subpoints for each main idea. These are the ideas that further explain your main point. In an essay, they might be your reasons for making your argument.

In a creative work, they might be parts of your plot point. Frog outline example, a novel may have many subpoints. Similarly, a study guide will likely have several subpoints, as well. Add at least 2 supporting details for each subpoint. They might include direct quotes, statistics, frog outline, facts, or examples.


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